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expanded into three simultaneous 24 hour 7 days per week internet music broadcasts today. Our broadcasts originate from
central Illinois in the heart of Lincolnland and are non-commercial in nature and brought to you simply for your listening
pleasure. This web site is totally free of advertising and contains no popups or viruses. I have never been financially
compensated in any fashion or manner for any content contained within my broadcasts or on this webpage. My broadcasts
are presented to you solely for your listening enjoyment and pleasure. If you wish to support the fine artists, composers,
and musicians whose music you hear presented on any of my broadcasts please do so by purchasing their music over
the internet or at your local retail music outlets. Each of my internet broadcasts are of a different genre, format, and type
of music which are listed below as follows:

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We are now broadcasting live from his site on three pages within this site
Page 2, Page 3, and Page 4. When you click on the navigation bar on
either Page 2 or Page 3 it will take you to the page of your choice. The
page will appear and on that page there is a navigation bar that says,
" CLICK HERE TO LISTEN LIVE " when you click on this it will then
take you to another page which has an embeded audio player on the page
and by clicking the start button on audio player on that page you can listen
to my entire broadcast from the player on that page. There is already a small
audio player embedded on Page 4 and by clicking on the start button on
that player you can listen to a relay broadcast from WSIE 88.7 FM coming
to you from the campus of Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Illinois
. I relay their broadcast with of course the knowledge and kind permission of
the good folks at WSIE 88.7 FM.
Directory of Pages on this site that contain a live broadcast

Page 2
Music For Lovers Through The Night
Genre: Romantic Music 24/7
Music f.or the romantic heart in all of us. Loves lost, loves found, love desired,
unrequited love. That special song for that special someone that is, could be, or never

Page 3
Genre: Ambient/New Age Music
Dr. Disk's Examination Room
Ambient/New Age
Soothing Ambient/New Age Sounds 24/7

Page 4
Genre: Broadcast Relay of 88.7 FM
Dr. Disk's Examination Room Jazz Sounds
Relaying the broadcast of, " THE SOUND "
88.7 FM from the campus of Southern
Illinois University in Edwardsville, Illinois

My thanks to my son Sean for providing this domain name and hosting this site on his servers

This page last updated on 12/01/2020

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